The Consortium

The complementary experience of the proposers, their geographical distribution, and the critical mass in human and financial resources, give to the Consortium the European added value necessary to achieve the project objectives. Their expertise particularly at European level will guarantee an effective approach to problem solving and to the accurate definition of the application requirements, thus having a greater impact than national projects. nThe partnership established in this project will stand on the strong and professional relationship created within the FP6 TERAEYE and the FP7 Energy in Time projects. The Consortium is composed by four partners from three European regions, each having specific and high value knowledge in all scientific and technological branches which are required to meet the objectives of the project, In the following there is a short presentation of each company.n

Stam is an engineering firm providing consulting, design and owner engineering in the following sectors: aeronautics & space, defence & security, transports, energy. The firm serves a broad range of industries, public and private companies, research organizations. Stam will be in charge of the risk assessment, in order to guarantee that the risk induced by terrorist attacks is properly evaluated in the framework of the hazards affecting the airport.

ANA has a consolidated image of excellence on the management, operation and development of airports in Portugal.
ANA is in charge of the management of 7 airports in Portugal (3 on the mainland and 4 in the Autonomous Region of the Azores). More recently ANA has taken charge of the concession of the civil terminal at Beja airfield, located halfway Lisbon and Algarve. Which in 2013 represented a total of 32 million passengers.
On 17 September 2013, Vinci has acquired for 50 years the concession of 10 airports, adding to airports referred and the airports of Funchal and Porto Santo.
ANA will express the point of view of an operator in defining the behavior required of airport in emergency situations, and in validating the project’s findings.

Since its creation in 1911, Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) is the largest and most reputed school of Engineering, Science and Technology and Architecture in Portugal. IST will add to the Consortium the research capability and experience on the field of transportation, since it is on close cooperation with ANA will help in the definition of the use case and the validation.

SKA Polska is an independent, Polish research and development company, operating in the field of high technologies and innovation solution for security. It was founded to research and develop highly sensitive, miniature, and low-cost sensors for high speed quality inspection in industrial, security and medical applications.